Smart Cities Transport develops software solutions adapted to the needs of operators and public entities within the community. 

For Cities & Municipalities 

We help cities, local governments & municipalities to implement efficient, accessible, and sustainable modes for transportation. Via our products, we solve the challenges faced by governments to adapt to the modern cities transportation system. 

For Transit & Transport Operators

We help transport startups & transit operators with their needs for better transport technologies. Our most common technology solutions include:  travel time, journey cost, arrival timings, city maps, train & bus timetable, fares checking, save favourite stops & other features which help get real-time information for all transit types. 

For Real Estate & Private Sector

We also offer solutions for companies in the private sector to enable smooth & efficient transport system for their employees which saves a lot of travel time while switching transport modes during the journey. Our robust model enables businesses to ease commute of their employees on most affordable costs. 

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