ClearwayTech’s Digital DDD Formula

A Digital Solution for Clearways Management System

What is a Clearway?

A clearway is a specific area of the road where parking is prohibited. Clearway hours vary from the time of the day, days of the week and location. Details are indicated by signage and drivers must be aware of clearways restrictions. Only public transport such as taxis and buses are allowed to stop for a limited time to drop off or pick up passengers.

What is a Clearway

Key Issues

The manual process of the Traffic Management Centre is time-consuming. Human-based reports are prone to errors. Consistency and efficiency in maintaining public safety and drivers’ compliance on clearway policies and restrictions is a challenge. The process is not easily extensible for diagnosis on how to improve driver’s awareness of clearway restrictions and thus, resulting in repeated violations.

Solution: ClearwayTech’s Digital DDD (Detect, Dispatch, Diagnose) Procedure

Roads authorities would benefit from ClearwayTech’s Digital DDD (Detect, Dispatch, Diagnose). They will have a better clearway management system that:

  • Automatically detects traffic blockages without using extra hardware.
  • Improves drivers’ awareness of clearway restrictions and notifications of their violations and location of the towed vehicles. 
  • Improves the process of traffic management centre and tow truck contractor in maintaining safety and compliance of drivers in clearways and public transport lanes. Human-error is lessened if not eliminated.

ClearwayTech’s Digital DDD (Detect, Dispatch, Diagnose) enhance the clearway management  system with the following procedures:

Problem: How to improve the process of notifying TMC of stationary vehicles in clearways, transit lanes or bus lanes

Solution: Detect

Traffic cameras can be used to identify vehicles blocking clearways.

In areas where there are no traffic cameras, traffic counters can be used.

We can also automatically detect vehicles parked in clearways using machine learning.  

Problem: How to efficiently advise a driver about the location of their towed vehicle

Solution: Dispatch

Once the location has been identified, TMC staff can easily “Dispatch” a tow truck contractor through the DDD platform.

Once the tow is complete, the vehicle owner will be notified of the new location.

To protect the owner’s privacy, TfNSW and TMC will not provide the owner’s phone number or email address in the system. Instead, TMC will receive a message about the towing details from the DDD platform. TMC will then deliver the message to the owner.  The message from RMS contains a link to a webpage on the DDD platform where the owner can get the vehicle’s location. 

Problem: How to improve drivers’ awareness of clearway restrictions

Solution: Diagnose

Drivers will need to “unlock” the location of their vehicle by providing the reason why they parked in a clearway.  With this process, reasons or excuses aside from the locations, date, time, and other relevant information will help to evaluate clearways programs. After further evaluation and necessary improvement with the policies and information dissemination, drivers’ awareness and compliance with the rules could improve.