Finding Perfect Home with Desired Commute Choices

Finding a perfect place to stay and live takes a lot of work. 

Choosing the right place takes a lot of time.

Uncertainty is normal. 

Aside from options about the properties, preference-based searches and commute choices will help house hunters come up with a well-informed decision in choosing their next home.

Am I making the right choice?

Is it a good investment?

Is travel time-efficient and cost-efficient? 

Is it safe?

Is it accessible to basic amenities?

Is this the right place for me? For us?

The perfect site for answers is, make well-informed decision.

The is the winner of Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) Travel Choices Innovation Challenge 2017. 

The site is a home-hunting app centred around travel behaviour. It is available in desktop and mobile forms. The software product is tailored to help users choose a property based on their set preferences including commute and travel choices. offers these options to assess the available homes and properties:

  • Options of multiple destinations
  • Proximity to the basic amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacy, etc
  • Driving and cycling routes
  • Travel time
  • Travel Cost
  • Road Network
  • Distance when walking to other establishments such as school, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.
  • Searching near a train station and other public transport with timetable

The site is easy to understand and navigate. Details on the property are available. Free commute comparison tool is provided. Users can set personal commute choices and anticipate travel behaviour around the target location.

In, choosing the house that perfectly suits you and your family would be uncomplicated. No confusion. No regrets.