MaaS is changing the future of Cities

Maas is changing the future of Cities

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offers one stop solutions to all customers travel & mobility needs for moving from point A to point B.

MaaS solutions attempt to create seamless travelling experience around the city combining all modes of transport. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions help businesses, governments, councils or local authorities gain a holistic understanding into a person’s transportation needs.

The future of transport is more in the hands of public sectors & authorities driven than private vehicles for a sustainable growth. Therefore, we at Smart Cities Transport help the local Authorities gain a better understanding of MaaS solutions for any city providing the citizens a better travelling experience throughout.

Why Local Governments must opt for Mobility as a Service?

To make cities sustainable is one of the biggest challenges of 21st century & an efficient transportation systems is a major problem. MaaS offers efficient & systematic solutions as mentioned below to create a well-functioning transportation system:

  • Ensures that the supply end of transport options available meets the demands of travellers.

  • Helps overcome the mobility challenges faced by any city.

  • Robust system that combines all public sector & private sector transport options to reduce congestion & create a seamless mobility experience for travellers.

  • Provides the access to the most efficient ride available at real-time with lowest costs.

  • Supports the weaker sections of the society like elderly, children, wheelchair users by showing the safest routes available.

  • Ensures the better & efficient use parking spaces around the city.

  • Designate safe zones for pickups and drop-offs (PUDO) zones.

  • Enables multimodal trip planning to increase transport options for customers.