Mobility Solutions for Transit & Transport Operators

maas-for-transit & transport operators

The transport industry is in the disruption phase where many new technologies, products & services are being produced to enhance the customer travelling experience. Despite these innovations, today transportation has turned into a complex system ruled by private vehicles, cab operators, public transport etc which has many useful options for the user however there are as many challenges as the opportunities.

MaaS – Mobility as a Service solved these challenges by integrating the various transport modes in a region into a single & accessible mobility service on demand.

  • Through MaaS passengers get real-time travel information.

  • It provided easier access to public transport, ride-sharing, bike-sharing, scooter-sharing, taxi, car rentals, ride-hailing etc.

  • MaaS can also have an added value by offering a single payment channel throughout the individual journey.

Why Transport operators & transit companies should opt for MaaS?

MaaS aims to be the best value proposition for on-demand transport services. Enabling employers, transport operators & transit companies to increase productivity and ease commutes.

  • Combined & integrated mode of transport simplifies travel

  • Detailed directions across combinations of transport modes (public and private) creates best combinations of trips to your destination.

  • With a tap on phone any traveller can get route directions, city maps, timing, train & bus timetable, check fares, save favourite stops etc.

  • For operators, EV charging locations stop help plan longer transit trips

MaaS solutions can be integrated with different model solutions as well for use in different industries.

  • Transport operators

  • Infrastructure & logistic operators

  • Transit companies

  • Other Technological companies