Urban Mobility for Real Estate & Private Sector

maas for real estate developers

Today’s the cities are overcrowded with different types of vehicles & day on day becoming more and more populated. Transportation systems no longer possess the technological advancements needed to keep people moving via efficient & accessible options.

Why can Mobility change the Real estate developments?

Mobility is the backbone of today. Hence, real estate developers or private sector housing companies need optimised urban mobility solutions.

  • Residents now-a-days prefer neighbourhoods with easy access to mobility services.

  • Higher rents for better mobility regulated services especially in high demand & congested cities.

  • Future needs will be accommodation of autonomous vehicles, smart solutions for traffic problems, recharging & service points for electric vehicles etc.

  • Improved safety, efficient cost & time for travelling, transportation of good & services & access to real-time services.

Using MaaS to adopt urban mobility solutions

Using the MaaS to address the following complex issues can be a game changer for any real estate developer or private housing companies.

  • Constrained Capacity

  • Increasing Global Demand among Passengers

  • First Mile-Last Mile Connectivity

  • Diverse Transport Options

  • Complex Travel Behaviour in every City

  • Increasing Road Congestion

  • Need for multi-modality and Micro-Mobility

  • Demand for Smart Journey Planner (directions, cost and timing)

  • Safe routes for Senior Citizens and children

  • Accessibility