Accessibility Feature in Waverley App

Waverley APP- Hyperlocal MaaS Solution

Accessible and Inclusive Transport for Waverley Council

Waverley Transport App is one of our hyperlocal MaaS solution providing multimodal journey options for customers to have a seamless travel experience. We can customise our solution to any targeted jurisdiction.

Our solution is a customer-facing Mobility-as-a-Service app (iOS, Android, and mobile web) that:

  • encourages the use of designated safe pick-up/drop-off zones;
  • enables multimodal trip planning that will increase transport options for customers and lessen the private cars usage;
  • integrates both public transport and privately owned shared transport service providers;
  • provides safe and continuous routes for prams, wheelchairs, and children on bicycles;
  • provides a range of journey options for a defined trip that includes total journey route, cost, and time;
  • calculates driving, cycling, and walking directions to the final destination including where a trip contains multiple segments and modes, and
  • provides electric vehicle (EV) charging points within a journey plan.

Additionally, we included wheelchair-accessibility information on stops and other services.

We developed our solution with the following action plans and innovative ideas to solve critical issues:

  • We can digitise and limit procedural problems and paper document
  • Acknowledge human perspective
  • Provide fair access to needed information and services
  • User-friendliness of the solution
  • Affordable for all
  • Flexible 
  • Scalable 

The Waverley App is a multi-modal transport app, including information on wheelchair-accessible rail stations and bus services.
Journey planning is a challenge. For people with limited mobility, it is extremely difficult. They have to use a variety of app and cross-checking everything just to make sure their safety and security before travelling.