Accessibility Feature in Scotland App

Accessibility feature in transport scotland app

Accessible and Inclusive Transport for Scotland

The Scotland Transport: Wheelchair, Maps, Routeplanner was developed in response to the Scotland MaaS Investment Fund Challenge. Our solution is a customer-facing MaaS app (iOS, Android, and mobile web) that:

  • Aims to help Transport Scotland to tackle inequality, accessibility and mobility barriers
  • Encourages the inclusion and participation of people with limited mobility in using a multi-modal transport app for Scotland
  • Provides vital information such as wheelchair friendly routes, rail stations, bus services, stops and information on the closest toilet locations and accessible parking 
  • Uses accessibility information on bus stops and rail routes to guide customers on right footpaths, ramps, wheelchair friendly lifts and mobility options

This journey planning app is a customised version of the Waverley Transport App that will provide a quick and easy way to travel across Scotland by rail or by road. First-time travellers and people with limited mobility can have a safer journey and a sense of security during the commute.

Benefits and Advantages for Wheelchair Users

These features will help you enjoy a seamless and worry-free travel experience anytime and anywhere in Scotland:

  • Get digital access to wheelchair friendly travel information without registration
  • Find the best combinations of trips to your destination
  • Check updates for all transit types and look for an affordable yet efficient commute
  • Schedule trip ahead of time or check actual arrival and departure time of transit modes
  • User-friendly interface and live navigation to simplify the best route to take

Information Right at Your fingertips

Explore the following information provided in Scotland Transport: Wheelchair, Maps, Routeplanner and travel across Scotland confidently and efficiently:

  • Accessibility Information for Wheelchair Users and People with Limited Mobility
  • Multimodal Options
  • Trip Planning Guide
  • Route Options
  • Interactive Map with Filters

Commuting would be a positive experience as we provide information right at your fingertips. Avoid ending up on the wrong bus or getting off at the wrong stop. We will help you to get around unfamiliar places when you travel to Scotland.