Smart Cities Transport

Mission: To provide a hyperlocal transport app with multimodal journey options for a seamless travel experience. ALL multimodal options in a SINGLE application.

Vision: To create sustainable integrated transport software solutions for one community at a time.

Our Story

  • We consider ourselves problem-solvers, but we mostly focus on problems solved with software solutions.
  • Prior to launching SCT, our founder, Jayen,  already established in 2013. He sees the need to create a site that combines data and information to offer preferences to decide where to live. He offers so anyone can quickly choose what suburb to live in without the need to look for several websites. 
  • While working with SkedGo as a developer support engineer, Jayen realized the emergence of the Mobility-as-a-Service concept as a core of transport services. Many Councils and transport operators look for MaaS integration within their system. 
  • There are Councils that are open for white-label MaaS solutions, others are looking to integrate the Hop, Skip, & Jump and some want mobile applications that give greater access to transport options. 
  • Being a technically-minded person, he saw the need for innovative integrated travel options not only for main transport routes but also for the customer’s specific requirements for safe and seamless travel. 
  • In 2020, Jayen created the Waverley transport app that won as one of the finalists in the TfNSW Waverley Transport Innovation Challenge. 
  • The Challenge paved the way for Jayen to continue his advocacy to create software solutions for the transportation industry. 
  • He founded Smart Cities Transport and built a team of experienced developers and specialists to help him to continually develop innovative transport software solutions. 
  • The unique approach of SCT is to create a hyperlocal MaaS solution that provides multimodal journey options for customers to have a seamless travel experience. More than what the MaaS system offers, we want to customise every software application to focus on the solutions specific for every community, council, organization and company. 
  • As we thrive in providing customise software solutions, we are happy to collaborate with servant leaders and help them realise their vision to have a community with a sustainable transport system that elevates the economy and provides a healthy environment and promotes equality for their people.